Residential Single Family
Designing a new home or significantly remodeling or expanding an existing home is a process of inquiry and discovery. We work with each client to discover the place’s essence and the family for which it is intended. We believe that creating a new home or remodeling an existing one is a process of making a place that feels both new and old: new, in that it is a fresh response to the existing conditions; and old, in that it contains deep and familiar qualities that make a place a home.

Residential Multifamily
The design and development of multifamily residential communities is a complex and challenging process. It requires a thorough understanding of all aspects of the project, including densities, site constraints, zoning ordinances, accessibility requirements, building codes, surrounding environmental forces, residential neighborhood associations, and community master plans.

Our intelligent and thoughtful design practices empower us to create commercial projects with superb relevance, function, and recognition in the community. We have designed some of the most recognizable and respected commercial projects in the Kansas City metro and throughout the Midwest region; we can do the same for you.

We have unparalleled, cross-market experience in all of the individual components of a mixed-use development. Our understanding of the inherent programmatic challenges associated with multiple residential, commercial, office and retail occupancies is the first step in creating successful mixed-use projects. We bring a comprehensive understanding of the possible inherent conflicts between the needs of the various program types in structure, mechanical, access, security and personal environment.

Landscape Architecture

Whether updating an existing landscape or working in conjunction with our architects on a remodel or new home, our landscape architecture team creates unique, customized designs based on our clients’ immediate and future needs. We can customize the landscape to compliment a variety of home styles, including traditional, natural or low maintenance, modern, or classical for projects on large estates or small urban lots.

From landscape design for mixed-use projects to corporate developments and office buildings, we have the proven ability to successfully combine natural beauty with site amenities to maximize our clients’ land value and aesthetics. We have experience with local governments to ensure city landscape requirements are met. Our landscape designs can create unique amenities for your employees and customers to enjoy.

Interior Design

Residential Single Family
We progress beyond creating a style that you like, to creating an environment that distinctly reflects how you live. Whether we are planning a mother-in-law quarters, or ensuring that a kitchen functions for more than one cook, we work closely with each of our clients to ensure that the final design is based on their lifestyle.

Residential Multifamily
Our designers think outside the box to ensure that all the amenities that individuals desire in a home can be achieved in a smaller footprint. Our experience with a multitude of situations allows us to provide designs that plan for the unexpected requests of your potential residents.

Working within the scope of commercial interior design requires the expertise to deal with complex issues such as ADA compliance and fire codes, all while remaining within the project budget. Our experienced design staff has the sophistication to tackle your most challenging obstacles while maintaining a style and personality that reflects your company or organization.

Land Planning

Land Planning has been a part of our design process since our inception over 50 years ago. NSPJ Architects has strived to assist our land planning clients in maximizing the value of the land and creating distinct communities within Kansas City and beyond.

Many land planning and development clients have clearly defined goals but need help making them reality. At NSPJ Architects, our land plans work with the topography, landforms, natural resources, and existing vegetation to create the structure of the community. This approach creates identifiable, innovative land plans for residential communities, multifamily communities, mixed-use developments, and commercial campuses, workplaces, and districts.

As needed, we pull together teams of consultants ranging from engineers to contractors whose experience complements our own.  Working with city officials and other necessary consultants, our Architects and Landscape Architects efficiently take development projects through the entire regulatory process.

NSPJ has worked with land developers, commercial real estate firms, realtors, municipalities, and individual land owners with all levels of land planning experience. Our goal is always the same, to create a successful, unique land plan that meets our clients’ needs.

Environmental Efficiency

At NSPJ, we have embraced a growing demand and desire for more efficient architectural designs and processes. As an experienced and innovative firm, we offer our clients the unique opportunity to blend energy efficient technique with elegant design. Our energy efficiency experts are here to help you identify and improve your HERS (Home Energy Rating Score) rating through testing, planning and recommendations. If you are working to achieve ENERGY STAR Certification, we have the expertise to develop a plan for achieving this prestigious rating for your home or apartment complex.

Determining Your HERS Rating

NSPJ has developed a two part solution to help our clients achieve optimal energy efficiency and a lower HERS score. The first efficiency test is conducted during the rough stage of construction, after insulation is in place and prior to any drywall installation. This visual inspection allows us to ensure that the proper insulation rating (R factor) has been installed in your ceilings and walls to prevent air leaks.

The second stage of efficiency testing is conducted at project completion and is also used for existing homeowners that are looking to improve their home’s energy efficiency. During this testing, NSPJ’s certified energy experts use specialized tools to determine the amount of air leakage in the home and duct work. Once the testing is complete, our software produces the HERS score and allows us to make precise recommendations on how to improve the energy efficiency. NSPJ is certified in HERS index score testing.

ENERGY STAR Certification

NSPJ also works to improve energy efficiency by helping our clients achieve ENERGY STAR certification. We help our residential and commercial clients utilize greener practices to reduce energy consumption and save money. Part of the ENERGY STAR agency is involved in working with manufacturers to produce appliances that use smaller amounts of energy, reducing the carbon footprint. Achieving ENERGY STAR certification for a home or business is much more laborious than simply reducing your home’s HERS index score, but our team has consistently demonstrated the ability to customize solutions to help our clients reach their energy reduction and savings goals. NSPJ is ENERGY STAR certified.

Adding Up The Savings

Improving your property’s energy efficiency not only reduces your carbon footprint, it improves the resale value of your home and reduces your utility bills. Our staff has the expertise to make recommendations on lighting, appliances, HVAC systems and fixtures throughout your home or apartment complex that will improve your HERS rating while maintaining the beauty and style that fits your lifestyle.

With the demand for energy services growing, home owners and building managers need to be aware of the marketing advantages and utility cost savings a thermally inspected and tested building provides. NSPJ Energy Services can work with home owners, building managers, builders, and contractors to ensure an energy efficient building is constructed.

For home owners, NSPJ Energy Services can rate or audit your new or existing home. This will result in lower utility bills, provide a more comfortable living space, and increase the marketability for resale. Depending on your city and state you may also qualify for federal and state tax credits and local utility rebates. Find out more about what credits & rebates are available to you at

Some Kansas and Missouri municipalities are starting to require HERS to obtain a residential building permit. We can work with you to meet local building permit requirements and look for rebates associated with energy efficient improvement upgrades.

NSPJ Energy Services can recommend the most effective upgrades to increase a building’s thermal performance.  We currently have two certified HERS raters, two Energy Star certified employees, and two BPI certified employees on staff. Our knowledge and approach maximizes your return on investment while maintaining a simplified construction process. So the short answer is we can save you money!

The need and process to be more energy efficient is evolving. There are many factors and circumstances that make each home and building different from the next. We have created NSPJ Energy Services to be your experts during construction and to help you build as energy efficient as possible.

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